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Tightening my blogroll

Hello friends!

I just deleted about half of the blogs I usually follow from my Google Reader. Some of the expected results of this move include:

Time to read everything that is in my reader each day!

More of a connection with the people whose blogs I truly care about (my friends IRL and people who have excellent writing skills for the most part).

However, I expect this move will also have unexpected consequences, including the possible removal of a blog I should continue reading.

That said, if you notice that I have stopped following your blog (ie. if your service e-mails you about that or I stop commenting and you expect comments from me regularly), and you want me to continue or think it might be a mistake, send me an e-mail or a comment! Also, I now have room to add a few more service dog/biking/affordable housing/living with disabilities/speech therapy blogs to my feed. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment here!

More Beale pics on the way!


Becka and Beale



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