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Happy Birthday Beale!

Beale and her seven siblings (and two cousins) turned 1 this week! Beale’s birthday is the 10th of November. Her two cousins turned 1 on the 9th.

In one year, Beale has been to

California, Kansas, Missouri, Washington D.C., Maryland and Delaware.

She has been in elementary school, middle school and college. She has visited a high school.

She has shopped at the grocery store, the coffee shop, farmers’ markets and the mall (among other places, I’m sure!).

She has ignored Mexican food, Sushi, Italian food, Thai food, pizza and other cuisines at various restauraunts in Sacramento.

She has met cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. She has sniffed horses, pigs and geese.

She has known the loss of a sister-dog (our papillon, Bella).

She has flown. A lot more than most dogs!

In this one year, Beale has loved her momma (me), her pappa (Jack) and pretty much every other human she has met.

But now we start the countdown. How much longer until Beale returns to Kansas to go to puppy college? We’re thinking six months, but it could be as early as four. Our organization keeps these kinds of things secret. Eeek! Time to start steeling my heart for this one.

Love from my lunch break,



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What we had for dinner

Jack and I just finished the best dinner we’ve had all week:

Tarragon green beans and Apple chicken.


In other news, Beale is doing wonderfully. She is almost a year old (next week!) and she weighs 73ish pounds. The vet said she could stand to loose about 5 pounds, but that she seems totally healthy! Woo!

Beale’s biggest accomplishment lately was a day in middle school with children who have autism. She even braved a fire drill. My pup was better than the regular education kids. (So were my special education kids!)

Next week, Beale is going to college!

Love from Sacramento,

Becka and Beale

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