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Bissell steam mop

I’m not sure how I ever had a puppy without this mop. I guess I just lived with semi-disgusting floors? For about $100 and 5 minutes a day, I now have a clean, sanitized, pee smell-free kitchen floor. Beale is a bit afraid of the Bissell steam mop, but she likes playing on the damp kitchen floor when I’m done mopping. It’s like a skating rink for dogs.


Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh

I installed this in my car (with the handy suction cup on the back) yesterday, and today was the first day of driving around town with the windows up! No more dog or pizza (which smells like b.o. after awhile) smells. Thank you Arm & Hammer.


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A Christmas card from my bro.

I know it’s kind of late, but not as late as you think. My family celebrated Christmas mid-January this year (because I was back in Kansas to trade Trego for Beale).

And the inside:

Love it.

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What happens when you buy a cheap collar for your Cat Cam

Needless to say (but I’m going to say it) the Photos by Beale series won’t be continuing anytime soon.

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Dogs in a line

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Dogs with toys

Beale with a toy at Target

A dog named Mac wit a toy purchased on Etsy (the dog is related to

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Beale out on the town

Beale has had a vest the entire time I have had her. This is not the norm, though.

Most KSDS puppies get their clothes after their puppy raisers send rabies vaccination reports to KSDS. This helps keeps our puppies healthy, because it limits their contact with the world (and other dogs) before they have all of their shots.

We got lucky, though. KSDS allowed Beale to have her vest on her first day home with me because we had to get on an airplane almost immediately (Beale is from Kansas; we live in Sacramento). Though we’ve had her vest this whole time, we’ve limited Beale’s trips out to keep her from getting sick.

So far, she has been to…

*I used to love places that allowed dogs, because it meant I didn’t have to ask permission to be there with Trego. But in California, I don’t ask permission. Everyone here has raised a service dog, knows someone who is a puppy raiser or knows someone who uses a service dog. My speech about what I’m doing no longer rolls of my tongue because I’m asked so infrequently! So now that I have to explain myself so much less often, I hate going places that allow all dogs in. My puppies get very distracted by the smells (and presence) of other dogs. It’s difficult to teach Beale that she needs to behave and pay attention to only me when I am contending with coffee smells, crumbs on the floor, people who want to coo at her AND a dog that only gets to go to this ONE place and is SO EXCITED to be there.

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TED talk by Aimee Mullins

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