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Boring videos of Beale

Beale is very good at sit-staying and ignoring distractions. This past weekend we went to the Davis Farmers’ Market. These are some videos of Miss Beale sitting and looking cute.


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Beach movies!

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Trego’s new family

Last Sunday, I had the chance to meet Trego’s new family. They were fantastic! I gave them Trego’s scrapbook and a copy of the Jayplay article and the MetroPet article about her. Then we chatted for just a little while (my cousin had to be back in Shawnee to go to Palm Sunday Mass). I feel very comfortable about her new life and I’m so glad I had a chance to talk with them.

I still miss Trego, but I feel good about her living in Kansas while Beale and I work together in Sacramento.

Love from Sacramento,


P.S. Click here to view Trego’s photo book.

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Jet setter

Two months ago, Beale tried on this little jean jacket in the Denver airport’s pet store.

She tried on the biggest size of the same style jacket this past week.

Beale has grown so much in the past two and a half months. She went from 14 pounds to 44! She has also developed quite a cute personality. This little girl wants to please us with every move. One of her best show-offy moves is picking things up off of a table and bringing them to us. She can even pick up coins! It’s adorable, but also kind of annoying. Especially when she picks up glasses of water and tries to put them in the sink… not helpful.

This past week, Beale and I took a trip to Kansas for my grandfather’s funeral. She was a dream on the plane, but then peed AND pooped in the Denver airport. I maintain that she couldn’t help it. She is a little dog who, it turns out, had a tummy ache. She bounced back and forth between pretty good and pretty sick. On Monday, for example, I cleaned up so much diarrhea I ran out of supplies. It was, truly, NASTY.

She’s on two antibiotics and eating Hill’s i/d food. She seems totally fine. So fine, in fact, that she’s at the vet again today. This time, it’s for her spay. The vet out here said she was fine to be spayed even though she was feeling sicky last week. I pick her up at 5 and will report on the hilarity that is Beale drugged up.

Love from Sacramento,


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