This is my favorite photo of me and Trego.

I fell instantly in love with Trego. This is us on her second day home, at @Jacklyn 's birthday party.

It’s easy to report on the successes of puppy raising. Easier still to exaggerate those reports. I know. I’ve been there.

Let me tell you about Trego, my first puppy-in-training. Trego only peed on the floor once before she understood that she needed to “hurry up” outside. Trego never chewed up ANYTHING. Trego was perfectly behaved in any situation. At least, those are the things I claim now that she’s back in Washington, Kan., getting educated.

The reality is that there were days (sometimes months) when I wasn’t sure how either of us would survive the puppy-raising process. I failed her on more than one occasion and she has… eh… quirks… that I’m not proud of. But when I failed, I was quiet. I threw on a fake smile and told only the good stories. Trego was great. I was great. We were just great! And we were alone.

If you look back at the things I told our friends, family and other puppy raisers, Trego comes across as an angel. A world-traveling, child-loving, picture-posing-for angel. And I don’t look so bad myself.

As I start on the crazy journey of raising my second puppy for KSDS, Inc., I am aware that my true successes with Beale (puppy #2) are worth celebrating. However, the failures, the mistakes and the hard parts of being a puppy raiser are equally valid and equally important. So while I do plan to write about our successes, I also promise to share the bad. I will take photos of our mistakes and write about the times that I fail this little puppy. Because writing this might help me and you, fellow puppy raisers; and you, future puppy raisers; and you, dog owners and parents of the world, feel a little less alone when we mess up.

Because we will all mess up. That’s another promise.

Love from Sacramento,

Beale, a black lab puppy, and Becka, her puppy raiser.

Becka and Beale


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  • 1. chris mahan  |  April 6, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Me and my children would like any pictures and updates that you have are appreciated. My children like to keep up with the puppies progress.

  • 2. 2010 in review « failures of a puppy raiser  |  January 2, 2011 at 10:02 am

    […] About […]


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