“Beale’s” blankets

May 14, 2010 at 6:11 pm Leave a comment

Beale has three blankets that she calls her own. The first is a supercute pink number that was sent home from KSDS with her.

(Here I have to admit that I hated the pink blanket at first. Steve and Oceana got a pretty, contemporary pattern. We were “stuck” with what was left… it’s a bit girly and a bit country. At first, I wasn’t a fan. But as Beale has turned out to be a girlygirl, the pink has grown to suit her and grown ON me.)

At first, Beale slept with this blanket. At Aunt Pam’s house in Kansas, she slept in a big plastic bin with her trusty blanket.

When she got to Sacramento, I gave Beale two of my favorite blankets (the only ones I brought from Kansas to California, in fact.). One of those blankets is a fleece tie blanket that my friend Sam made for me for our first Christmas as friends. That’s Sam on the left.

The fleece blanket is red with white hearts on one side and pink on the other. It’s pretty faded, but it’s still cosy and reminds me of that winter SO long ago (more than seven years ago!).

The last blanket is the one I want to talk about. See, it was supposed to be MINE. It’s a T-shirt blanket that I made when I graduated from high school. It has 20 T-shirt patches that chronicle my entire high school career. High school yearbook, city swim team, a fun run, journalism competitions… it’s all in that blanket. The back side is super soft material that just warms you up.

Somehow, this blanket became “Beale’s.” I think we needed something to put over the kennel at night so she couldn’t see the other dogs (and get in trouble with them) while she was supposed to be asleep. This must have been what was handy and what I was willing to risk for my dog. (Everything else in the house belongs to Jack…)

It turns out it was a risk. Beale has torn the corner of this blanket to bits. Then I fixed it (added a new T-shirt, some patches… the works. I even hand sewed!). And she has torn it apart again.

So one of todays projects is to fix the T-shirt blanket!

I’m off.

Love from Sacramento,



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