50 pounds! (a draft of our puppy report)

May 3, 2010 at 8:34 pm Leave a comment

Beale is almost six months old and she now weighs 50 pounds! The vet thinks she’ll end up somewhere around 70 pounds… which would be fine with me. Trego was MUCH bigger and much more oafy. Beale is very dainty and sweet. She carries her 50 pounds well.

This month, Beale has been to the farmer’s markets in Davis, Calif., and in Sacramento. She has also been to the bike auction in Davis, Calif. The bike auction is like any other auction, with tons of people and a crazy auctioneer. Beale was remarkable (well, she was herself… her calm, collected, unfazed self.). She pretty much slept through the auction! Beale has continued to go to work at Cisco Systems in Roseville, Calif., with her dad. She likes her “puppy time!” just before lunch, when she gets to play with Dad’s boss, Leigh. Leigh also relishes the vest-off time! Dad says Beale is very good at getting back to work when puppy time is over. This month, Mom failed Beale ONE time. She left Beale in the kitchen, but out of the kennel too long. Beale responded by digging a hole in the wall. Ooops! Beale now knows that digging up the house is not being a “good dog” and Mom knows to be more attentive to Beale’s cries for attention. We’re working on this Mom and dog stuff… we promise we’ll get better and, when Beale is older, we will fix the hole in the wall and have a good laugh.

Beale has one very good trick. We call it “Buckle up!” When we get into any car, Beale is asked to “buckle up.” She heads for the passenger side floorboard and curls up with all four feet and her nose on the ground. I know it works because sometimes she tries to sit on the seat, and asking her to “get on the floor” or “be a good dog” or saying “you know where you should be…” yield no results. But say “Buckle up!” and Beale instantly gets into her spot and settles in for the ride. We’re so proud!

No concerns about Beale this month. She’s a happy, healthy puppy with GLEAMING white teeth. And she hates vanilla toothpaste. She’s a peanut butter girl… just like my Trego.

Love from Sacramento,

Becka and Beale


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