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February 25, 2010 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

Bissell steam mop

I’m not sure how I ever had a puppy without this mop. I guess I just lived with semi-disgusting floors? For about $100 and 5 minutes a day, I now have a clean, sanitized, pee smell-free kitchen floor. Beale is a bit afraid of the Bissell steam mop, but she likes playing on the damp kitchen floor when I’m done mopping. It’s like a skating rink for dogs.


Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh

I installed this in my car (with the handy suction cup on the back) yesterday, and today was the first day of driving around town with the windows up! No more dog or pizza (which smells like b.o. after awhile) smells. Thank you Arm & Hammer.


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A Christmas card from my bro. Beale is ready to go!

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