Thinks Beale can do today that she could not do yesterday, Part I

February 17, 2010 at 2:31 am Leave a comment

A series.

1. Go OUT the dog door. (Feb. 2)

2. Eat poop. (Feb. 3)

That’s right. My perfect puppy might be a poop eater. I haven’t seen her eat the poop, but I did find poop, eh, remnants on the floor. A friend of mine told me it might just be another case of Beale trying to clean up after herself to please me (see: Clean fail.)

3. Come IN the dog door! (Feb. 6)

We were so excited that Beale learned how to go out the dog door all on her own. At first, she was using Lamp to hold open the dog door and crawling under his legs to get outside. Then, once she was outside, she’d bark and bark and bark and bark until someone opened the sliding glass door to let her back in. But now Beale can come in by herself… which cuts down on the barking at our house.

4. Take herself outside to potty. (Feb. 10)

Beale stunned a crowd (well, three of us) of onlookers this morning when she scooted out of the dog door, ran into the weeds in the backyard and PEED! Then she brought herself back inside to cheers and clapping (and a treat!). This is huge.

This is the beginning of the end of cleaning up puddles and smelling like pee (knock on wood).

Yay Beale!


6. Find her spot in the car. (Feb. 8 )


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