Freak poo accident text message conversation

February 17, 2010 at 2:24 am Leave a comment

Dad: I think I know what poop tastes like now. In other news, your dog is bathed, there’s a pile of blankets on the porch, and I’m sanitizing my mouth with all the forms of alcohol within reach.

Dad: Time to sanitize my body.

Dad: P.s. Kidding about booze

Mom: Are you ok?

Dad: Yah. Fine.

Dad: I just don’t do well with poo and I think I was just part of some kind of oh gonzo German bestiality porn. Not dog’s fault at all. Freak poo accident.

Dad: Long story short. Beale had accident in kennel. Somehow managed to get poop on her body despite pooping in corner.

Dad: I let her out and pet her. Spelled poo. Went to cover my mouth with the same hand I used to pet her……..

Dad: … The Aristocrats!

Mom: 😦 Yuk. And I am very sorry.

Mom: Also: I might not ever kiss you again.

Dad: 😦 Brushed teeth 4 times.


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At least they tried to clean it up themselves. Thinks Beale can do today that she could not do yesterday, Part I

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