Trego, PIT #1

February 16, 2010 at 11:52 pm Leave a comment

Baby Trego, a 10-pound black lab.

Trego on her first day with me.

My first puppy-raising experience was with a wiggle butt named Trego. She is an adventurous, confident, happy dog. I returned her to KSDS, Inc., in Washington, Kan., on January 15. She had lived with me for 15 months.

As a puppy-in-training, Trego:

  • Worked at The University Daily Kansan at The University of Kansas.
  • Visited 15 states.
  • Graduated from The University of Kansas.
  • Taught summer yearbook workshops in Kansas and California.
  • Learned to be calm around children.
  • Visited four national parks.
  • Rode on airplanes.
  • Took a cross-country train trip.
  • Went to two zoos.
  • Visited nursing homes, schools and shopping malls.
  • Ate out.
  • Moved to California.

I had a lot of successes with Trego. With her, I learned that I am good at a lot of aspects of puppy raising. I am good at finding new things to show a puppy. I am good at teaching my puppy how to travel. I am good at being an advocate for KSDS, Inc., the organization that trusted me with Trego, and now, with Beale.

But I also failed Trego too many times to count. Sometimes I didn’t pay enough attention. Other times I made mistakes. And there was a lot I didn’t know. With Beale, I am working to reduce the number of failures, but I am also working to be much more honest about my weaknesses as a puppy raiser. This does not mean I won’t be posting cute photos of my new little girl, or that I won’t brag about our good days. It just means I’m here to tell you about it all. Even, and sometimes especially, the bad.

Love from beautiful (66 degrees today!) Sacramento,

Becka and Beale


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Our new puppy!

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